Who we are?

The Company

Blue Spirit LLC is a legally constituted company in USA (Florida), which has the objective of operating and commercializing cruises for diving and naturalist itineraries on the Galapagos Islands.  Our company, with European management, has a representative office in Quito. Our team is a group of experienced, confident and passioned professionals who love what they do, below and above the surface, to exceed your expectations!

The Galapagos Islands, considered as an incredible and unique natural destination, are a must for every diver’s bucket list. They are located around 1000 kilometers from Ecuador´s mainland.  In 2016, the Darwin and Wolf Islands, at the northern area of the Archipelago, were considered a Marine Sanctuary and protected area as they are a pristine environment for many of the pelagic and endemic species, all over the world.

Our renovated Motor Yacht, the M/Y Blue Spirit Galapagos is one of the exclusive yachts which deals with both itineraries – diving and natural cruises-. Our clients can enjoy the best of the Galapagos, at once, with amazing true-life experiences! 

Ecuador is a diverse country, even though it is a small one (surface). Each of its regions is full of wonders. From the highest snowcapped mountains to the Pacific coastal area, the surprising jungle or the unique Galapagos Islands, you will have an unlimited number of places to visit.


Galapagos Islands are a pristine area and a natural spot with invaluable heritage, a great eco-tourism destination.

Blue Spirit LLC, is a company that believes in the practice of ecotourism, through well managed green practices, helping with the preservation of this brittle ecosystem, while also promoting the welfare of local people with as low impact on the environment as possible. Some actions are:

  • We consume local products to promote a healthy community
  • The cut down on the use of fuel for transporting goods, is another practice.
  • To obtain the smallest carbon footprint on the environment is our goal.
  • We offer, on board, biodegradable products.
  • We have a special form to reduce waste, recycling and eliminating single use items. We will study the guest’s preferences (prefer no plastic bottles? would you like to reduce food waste? etc.)
  • Minimum disturbance to nature and wildlife.